Between the Books

"Hidden away amongst all of these books, there's a secret.

Do you want to know what it is? Every night, after we’ve all gone home, the Book Folk wake up. They run about and read and look after all of these lovely books. But something is happening to the library...the Book Folk need your help!"

Actor-librarians reveal the world of the Book Folk, miniature puppets who live amongst the bookshelves. Children will be led through the engaging and inspiring world of their local library through an enthralling story, and learn about the importance of libraries in the process.  By the end of their session, children will have successfully joined their library membership scheme, received their membership card, and borrowed a book. Our aim is for children to feel ownership of their local library, to feel inspired by their books, and be excited to return to use the library into the future. 

"Not only were the children impressed, but the teachers who attended have not stopped raving about how amazing it was!"

Class Teacher, Saltdean Primary, Year 2

Puppeteer, Musical Director, Maker
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